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This is a blog that deals with things of the spirit and the numerous synchronistic and miraculous events that have occurred in my life or that of my clients through my practice as a holistic healer and multicultural conoisseur.   

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Entering the Dragon, Ch'i - Breath of Life

Posted on 3 August, 2015 at 20:45 Comments comments (618)


     It isn't easy describing the feeling of wholeness and well-being brought about by my Korean Ch'i practice, which I believe brings one into alignment with Gaia or earth consciousness. The benefits are probably best understood metaphysically and through direct experience, although the West is now coming to understand the science of well-being, manifestation and abundance. From an eastern perspective Chi or Qi is the energetic consciousness filling “the Void” and affecting us on a level far deeper than the physical. It is doubtless one of the most powerful ways I've discovered to tune in with the phenomenal consciousness behind and imbibing nature.

     Several years ago I discovered out how I've come closer to earth consciousness or awareness. I was working in a class at a neighborhood school when I suddenly felt a strong feeling of foreboding as if something of a dire nature was in process that I didn't know about. I even wondered whether someone that was close to me was dying or had been in a terrible accident. This feeling went on for many minutes and I couldn't understand why I was having it. I'd never felt that way before. It was like some tremendous pressure was bearing down on me psychically. After some more minutes I found I couldn't continue what I was doing in the classroom. I was so worried about what might be happening elsewhere, and literally dropped what I was doing, excused myself, grabbed my cell phone and frantically began calling home and other places to find out what was wrong.

     Yet, nobody knew what I was talking about so I gave up calling. The day went by uneventfully and by evening the feeling of, what I can only describe as doom, had faded away.

     As it turned out though, my serenity was only temporary and I found the feeling I had wasn't for naught. In the early morning I was awakened from an unpleasant dream in which I saw one of my brothers who works as a network administrator in California laying lifelessly between the ceiling and floor of a building he'd been working in. It looked in the dream as if he had fallen victim to an earthquake in California. It seemed as if something might have fallen on him and he was laying still although I couldn't see his face. But on his pants were written in either chalk or white paint, the words San Andreas fault.

     In the morning I awoke and came out of the dream thinking that perhaps there had been an accident in which the San Andreas fault had erupted causing an earthquake in California. I was a bit worried and turned on the television. But, instead of seeing a California earthquake there was everywhere splattered across the news channels images and reports about of an enormously destructive flood - what they were calling a great Tsunami that had enveloped a good portion of the earth. It had killed 100s of thousands of people in Indonesia and other parts of South Asia and has since been described as one of the most devastating natural events in recorded history.

     I thought to myself as I watched all the news stories this must have been the explanation for the intense feeling of foreboding I had experienced several hours before I went to sleep. The waters of the Tsunami had in fact been awakened by an earthquake which radiated for thousands of miles from its epicenter in the Indian Ocean affecting places as far away as places as Somalia in Africa and Thailand. The waves had taken hours to reach and cover parts of Indonesia and several other countries. After reassessing the matter I felt I must have tuned into the beginnings of the Tsunami when the earth was just starting to rumble hours before the final waves.

     I recall this story to say we are each a microcosm of the universe and reflections of the planetary consciousness. Thus, when we are in tune with the earth consciousnesses we can experience its consciousness as our own.

     I believe that tapping into nature's consciousness through training in Qi or Ch'i on some level enables one to feel the pangs of the earth and its movements, just as the moon influences the water on the earth and in our bodies at some level. The earth represents our feelings of belonging, being rooted, and support by life. It is, thus, of the utmost importance to stay earthbound in a spiritual way, and Qi practice enables us to do this and feel strengthened and nourished as both spiritual and physical beings. I believe that tapping into nature's consciousness through training in Qi or Ch'i on some level enables one to feel the pangs of the earth and its movements. (An example of planetary influence on us as individuals is how the moon's cycles are connected with the movement of water on the earth and in our bodies.)

     Several months ago in fact around early Fall or October I think I started to feel a strong uneasiness about the time of January and February 2015. I was having dreams where I would wake up feeling that something horrific was stirring behind the scenes to be unleashed on the world around the turn of the New Year. I told my mother to watch out around in January and February when there would be something that set the world or at least America on edge. I couldn't pinpoint what it was, but felt it would be a fateful consummation from the build up of “dark force” energy. I felt that whatever was coming would have great potential for destruction and pose a great threat to the world.

     I wasn't certain if it was something nuclear or possibly meteoric in a literal sense. But, felt it wouldn't be like anything that had come before or in recent times, having far greater impact on the world's consciousness than the smaller-scale terrorist attacks the West is already accustomed to.

     Around the period of January and February, media in America and the West, and the world in fact, became embroiled in focusing on a great danger, called ISIS. I believe it was this energy I was feeling and though I don't feel it strongly any more I do believe it definitely had tremendous unseen power behind it, obviously of a darker sort. I also don't think it is any coincidence that in the West we've termed this destructive rampage “ISIS”.

     As if a cruel joke had been arranged by these “unseen forces”, the name which so many have come to view as representative of a highly destructive, anti-feminine and anti-life force in the West has a strangely fateful and if coincidental similarity in sound to the name of “Isis” a Goddess signifying the nurturing of life and the feminine principle itself. The name Isis is a Greek pronunciation of the ancient goddess Auset or Waset or Ishe signifying renewal and life. She was represented in ancient Egypt as a woman sitting on the throne signifying the seat of existence or world order. Isis was symbolic of the feminine principal and associated with provision and protection of new life.

     However in the Middle East the name is pronounced “Aziz” which means powerful, and is in fact considered one of the names or aspects of Allah. I've been wondering if perhaps for this reason President Obama avoids using the name ISIS, preferring ISIL. Perhaps, he doesn't want to give the group any more power than it has, even if on a subconscious level.

     It is almost as if this name is now being presented to our Western awareness to mirror back into our awareness the neglect and lack of appreciation of feminine power, sacredness of children and innocent life so mercilessly victimized by a truly hell-bent organization.

     The Greek name of the Goddess “Isis” is supposedly related to the African and Arabic word for life - aisha or aicha. Isis as a goddess was connected to the life-giving earth, the divine consciousness that causes the growth of fields, plants and crops. In Hebrew the word and letter chai or chayyim also signifies life – and is not impossibly distantly related etymologically to the chinese word Ch'i or Qi (pronounced Ki in Korea). The latter is defined as the vital energy of nature, often depicted as the yin and yang dragon or serpent of life. Interestingly in certain west African cultures, God or the supreme being is also named “Chi”, also represented at times by a great serpent.

The word Ch'i meaning “air” or “breath” in Chinese also signifies the life-force thought to pervade all things. Further East we have the name of Gaia in the Hindu tradition, the mother consciousness whose life force pervades all things. Ch'i or Gaia can thus be described as the vital energy invigorating earth consciousness or nature, experienced as that whole or “Holy” consciousness in which according to the biblical book of Acts 17:28 we all “live, and move and have our being”.

     I credit my Chi or Qi training and practice for leading me deeper into Gaia consciousness. The Gaia mantra and various yogic, Qi Gong, or Tai Ch'i practices are thought to assist in bringing about an abundant and balanced flow of this same energy, which in the body is called prana. Possessing an abundance and unobstructed flow of Qi/Chi or prana is thought to bring about healing on all levels from the ancestral to the emotional and physical, affecting our health, relationships and our ability to manifest in the material world. It has thus been considered associated with spiritual and material fortune, prosperity and luck.

     Those who experience this balanced flow of energy often first notice a marked lessening of stress and increased sense of well-being. Ultimately practitioners come to lead lives much healthier, more balanced and fulfilling because their own inner consciousness is coming into alignment with nature's whole being.

      In essence one experiences heaven on earth. Conflict, illness and suffering can not exist where wholeness or harmony within and between the mind/body continuum exists. When the consciousness becomes whole it is reflected in the outer life. This is the secret of the ages and to living. All outer phenomena is a direct mirror of one's inner life and higher consciousness. Or as the wise ones of Egypt once said, “As above so below.”