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Baaltane on the Brain: One Man's Struggle with a Generational Curse

Posted on 7 August, 2019 at 19:25

BALTAIN, Ba'al - Diabolus -  " in many ancient Middle Eastern communities, especially among the Canaanites, who apparently considered him a fertility deity and one of the most important gods in the pantheon."  

Baal, god worshipped in many ancient Middle Eastern communities, especially among the Canaanites, who apparently considered him a fertility deity and one of the most important gods in the pantheon.

 I meant to put this on the internet a few years ago when it happened, but kept putting it off, thinking people are just going to be rolling their eyes in disbelief. Now, however, I think many people want to know the root of the rising anger and conflict between peoples going on worldwide at a more intensified level. What is its true spiritual basis. I feel it is important to know that there are literally good forces and literal evil ones in the world. Many of these have been given free reign and re rooted in deep ancestral impulses and forces that lie far beneath the surface of our lives and those of our ancestors. In this time of testing we have been given the opportunity to make our choices wisely in our thoughts and actions and unfortunately many of us have made unwise choices which will lead to greater conflict for themselves and their descendants in the future.

Aside from this I don’t want to get in trouble for not accomplishing my own life’s mission, so I am putting this out here now for people to take or leave. : )

As I hope many know by now I practice shaman and Taoist related healing practices that were taught to me in various organizations in this life and in previous ones. My mother was a leader in the New Age movement in the ‘70s who had many friends with unusual abilities and were also into many practices that were outside the normal fundamentalist Christian Catholic or Jewish. It was the time when the Beatles and other celebrated musical groups had enormous sway over the beliefs of young people and my mother was, herself, sought out by the young people in my neighborhood because she was in fact teaching meditation and new about the things hippies were interested in learning about.

About a decade ago I overheard my mother say to an old friend of hers who had come to visit do you remember when you said “you saw Pan in my backyard”? I just shook my head because I realized then as now only in my house could one hear such musings about beings that were only supposed to be imaginary. lol! And that’s not even the half of it. Kind of embarrassing, but that’s more of the norm around here than the out-of- the-ordinary. : )

Anyway, I got into my current spiritual practices from using the Buddhist chants one of my aunts taught me in my late teens. This was long before reiki got popular in America, by the way. This was an aunt through marriage who had taught me an Americanized form of Buddhist practice and about the importance of the Lotus Sutra.

She told me if I used them in the right way, the mantra or chanting of the Lotus Sutra would bring about my hopes and wishes. I used the chanting for a while and one day one of my mom’s 9 cats are (yes, she was that kind of woman) had gotten in a fight with another of her cats and was greatly wounded. That’s the way cats are, very territorial, when left outside on their own most of the time, which my mom was inclined to do with all of them.

Anyway, I wanted to be able to heal my cat, “Buckwheat” who was like the queen-bee or diva although come to think of it, this was a male cat. He was covered with beautiful orange coat of fluffy long hair. So, I decided that day to use my chanting to fix her leg and make her better. I sat with her and chanted the mystic words for about an hour, after which I went upstairs. There I found a brochure on the kitchen table, that my mom’s friend, Midori, who was Japanese had brought from her country.

This friend said that her own brother was in this particular practice and could channel light from the palm that could light a match. Being curious, I was hooked. I had already learned about macrobiotic palm healing and experienced the effects of other channeling through another friend of my mother’s. And, I thought, well, that was fast even for the Lotus Sutra. My chanting to be able to heal my cat worked quicker than I could ever have imagined!

I got into the Japanese practice as a member of what I discovered was a Shinto-based organization dealing directly with the world of spirits. Frankly, a little too directly for my liking and dangerous, which is why I will not be going into it here. ; )

This led to my later involvement in other types of healing organizations and practices and after a couple of decades I started to train other people in a Korean form of Qi Gong - a Taoist-based practice that involves channeling a whole form of creator’s energy, which they called vital Ki.

I’ve decided to start writing and talking about some of the experiences I’ve had with my clients and as a person of faith over the last several decades.

The case I will speak of now is that of a man I will for sake of anonymity call, John Doe. John came to me in need of a special investigation. I had talked to him over the phone and he had said he had been haunted and plagued by nightmares and unfortunate experiences, along with anger issues for a lot of his life. He was also having specific family problems and sibling rivalries due to his mother having died - unnecessarily in his opinion - in what he considered the conniving hands of his siblings.

When I asked John what he thought the basis of his problem was he had told me that he couldn’t really say. So I was curious as to why he was so oblivious to what the basis of his issues were, but I convinced him that I could help him with his problem, which I assumed must be something spiritual or ancestral. He came into the yoga center in which I was then working, a regular light-haired man with a stereotypically all-American look, short-cropped hair vaguely reminding me of GI Joe, with his slightly-upturned nose and noticeably upright posture ,as one might see on someone who has been in the military recently. I invited him into the prepared private room where he would be treated and began to talk with him about the practices I do. Again, I pried a bit to see what was behind his reticence. He told me little, except that no one had been able to really help him and that he was suffering with different sorts of problems, some physical, mental and some anger issues that he felt could be related to spiritual problem. He was also haunted by nightmares from time to time.

I decided to give him a channeled light treatment as I often do with clients that perceive themselves as having psychological problems. From a few feet away I began to aim my palm at his forehead but after a few seconds of looking into what I consider the astral dimension, I saw above his head and filling the room behind him, waves of orange and smokey energy radiating upward from the ground that was becoming clearer and clearer to the point where the room almost appeared to be engulfed by fire and smoke. At the same time I noticed the outer world was kind of disappearing, my raised arm I could feel was lowering and losing strength. It was about that time I realized that I was in danger and that if I gazed much longer into this world I would lose consciousness, and would no longer be aware of what was going on around me.

I brought my hand down and tried to catch my breath, breathing in. I was anxious to know if John had been playing with a Ouija board or something worse, so I asked him what the heck he had been doing and tried to explain about what had just happened to me. I believed I had witnessed some kind of hell quite,

I told him that before I continued with my channeling, he had to tell me about whether he had played with the Ouija board or some other kind of witchcraft, as I had never witnessed something like this before, or or entered into another world involuntarily while treating a client.

He said he had used the Ouija some time ago, but added he believed his ancestors had probably been into some evil doings. He still seemed wary of talking about it. I continued with the treatment from behind and decided not to look into what was there. When we were finally finished the session, John said he felt a lot better and decided to make another appointment.

A few days later John came to the center again for his second session and I started off with the same sort of treatment involving light channeling. After a few seconds, however, I began seeing the waves of smoke again mixed with orange glowing energy, literally filling up the room space. I decided to look back at John again to discern where it was coming from and as I focused in on John’s face, and instead of seeing him a larger face and head was starting to appear superimposed over his own, but with large horns and an unusually prominent forehead and dark eyes. The face was similar to John’s face yet unchanging, eyes of this figure black and emanating power, but seemingly not looking at me or at anything for that matter. The power behind this being was almost palpable. It was almost some kind of archetypal being with a face that was half animal or bull similar to his, not human in appearance or complexion. It was some grey or some light earth color. As I continued channeling towards John, the name Baaltein came to mind as an impression. But soon I had to put my hand down again as I had about had it, or in any case, was about to lose it again and fall down.

By this time I was bit agitated with John’s inability or refusal to tell me about what had really gone on in his past. It had to be something quite powerful as I had never felt on the verge of losing consciousness before with a client. I was intent on knowing what I was getting myself into and thought I needed to have a serious chat with John. I asked him again what he had been doing and if he had heard of the name “Baaltein” (often spelt Beltane) before. I had myself remembered from a history book that this was essentially the name a bull deity of some sort that the Canaanites or Phoenicians had brought up to Britain, and Wales in particular. Being a history buff, I had also recalled some kind of holiday, named Mayday that was associated with the Maypole and Baal worship, where Brits would darken or blacken their faces to look like the ancient Canaanites, or “Moors” as they once called black-skinned men in general.

I had thought maybe it had something to do with John’s ancestors centuries ago invoking Baal in Britain somewhere. I told him what I had seen around him this time, a horned being of some sort, that was evidently associated with fire and smoke. He immediately informed me that this is the same thing that had haunted his nightmares, usually involving some battle event. 


I then asked him if he had ancestors from Wales thinking they might have invoked this deity in the past for the purposes of war. He responded that, yes, he had some Welsh ancestry. But, then he told me something totally unexpected about his more recent ancestor – grandfather or great-grandfather. He told me that this recent ancestor had actually been a Nazi of fairly high rank or charge in Austria, and he felt or had heard that the man must have done rather evil things.

Horrified, I thought to myself, well, yeah, John I think that could very well have been a factor in your problems. Thanks for letting me know after the fact about your having a Nazi grandfather. I explained to John that this may be a major reason for not only his haunted nightmares, but the misfortune and not to mention the anger problems that he felt had plagued him throughout his life.


  This cartoonish version of a Deity is the closest I could find of what the thing around John looked like. 

Minus the glowing eyes and fangs it is pretty close.                                                                                                            

In any case I was pretty resolved to do some research on this Beltane in relationship with the Nazis when I arrived home, as I remembered that Nazis had been interested in a lot of occult things or practices. I supposed they may even have sought out such worship, or similar things to gain and retain their power. In fact, I did get on the computer to google the words “Nazis” and “the occult” and the first thing that came up was something about Beltane and the rituals they performed for invocation of this deity. It was a phallic deity in fact that is associated with fire and war as well as fertility or creative power. Sometimes it appears to have involved animal sacrifices.

Excited, I emailed John to let him know what I had found. We scheduled another appointment and several appointments after that. Finally, within the next few months I began to teach a few people the ritual and a set of chants for raising one’s ancestors to a higher level, which was a major part of the practice I was doing at the time. John came to a couple of trainings, but by the fourth time he wasn’t there. I performed the chanting on behalf of his ancestors, not thinking anything of it. Everything went as usual, and at the end of the class I packed up the altar and large mandala I normally brought with me to each class to hang up and went to bed.

However, in the morning I woke up to a strange noise kind of like a buzzing, or drone noise that I had sometimes experienced between the state of sleep and waking. As I noticed the state I was in I suddenly heard a voice at the door of my bedroom, a man’s hoarse raspy voice calling my name out once. For some reason I felt this voice was somehow related to John or his ancestors and I knew it wasn’t coming from the world of the woke so I snapped myself out of the state I was in quickly. I was not going to get involved in a conversation with someone or thing with that raspy of a voice for obvious reasons, especially if there could have been a chance it was a high-ranking Nazi. No way in H_ _ _.!

After getting up, I got ready for my appointment with John and was anxious to let him know what had happened, since there was the belief in the back of my mind that the ancestor training ritual and chanting the night before had something to do with it. John, in fact, asked how I was doing. I told him fine and that he had missed a good ceremony the previous night. I told him as well that I was awakened by a strange voice calling my name. Before I had the chance to continue, he mentioned that his brother had also woken up and told him that someone had called his name early in the morning. Now I was surprised and considered this proof that this happening was indeed about John and meant to let him know that he was in fact reaching someone in need of help on the other side.

John let me know over the subsequent few months that he was getting along better at home with his sibling and was receiving some relief from his problems. I made contact with John a few more times. I wanted permission to tell his story so that people with open minds would understand some of the basis behind mental and emotional disturbances. John gave me permission to write about his situation as long as it remained anonymous.

I myself am grateful for being allowed to see the role of  ancestors and the powers that be have in creating and maintaining generational curses. Many people think such things are just superstition, but those involved in shaman work know different and from experience. People also think that one can invoke forces that support hatred, war and conflict with impunity, and at their own risk. But, in fact this kind of energy from the astral plane is inevitably passed down to one’s children or descendants, unless and until some more beneficial force for Good is invoked. This was the original purpose for the instituition of religious practice and performance.

Baltane is one aspect of the deity better known as an aspect Belus or Diabolus. He or it is a different deity than the stag or goat-headed Pan and is also not the one associated with wings and a goat head often depicted in primeval art and sometimes called Satan. After seeing this and other beings around people in the astral dimension I have come to believe a good deal of the phenomena associated with fortune and misfortune in life can issue from such spiritual attachments, aside from ancestors stuck on the other side.. Many archetypal beings on the other side down through the ages have been invoked by our own ancestors during the time when people or the interecessor still believed and communicated with such things through rituals and prayer.  Although I am a firm believer in  what you don't know can in fact hurt you, undoubtedly such things are better left alone.. In otherwords, invoking such deities as apparently is still done in Wiccan practice can have its price, and often a very hellish one.

SIn addition such things also follow one into the next lifetimes. Most of us don’t have the opportunity to experience our previous lifetimes on earth so we continue to make the wrong choices. But, I will speak more on that subject later though.

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