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Mount Meru Holistic Earth Directory

Experience the body and mind of humanity as heaven on earth!

CROSS-CULTURAL CONNECTIONS DIRECTORY (This page under construction though links work)



Multicultural book lists from the University of Wisconsin.

On-line peer reviewed resource for multicultural educators and parents. Contains literature/arts reviews and articles on teacher praxis and pedagogy.

Interesting site containing resources for parents interested in teaching their kids about different cultures and languages, through books, games and a variety of projects.  

Multicultural books from around the world for kid, includes books on religions around the world. 

Southern Folklife Collection Chapel Hill, North Carolina

 Archive of collections dealing with the history, culture, arts and music of the southern United States. Based at University of North Carolina

Press dealing with multicultural books for kids, including books with themes of wisdom from religions and societies around the world. Site also features award-winning authors from around the world.  


 A truly multicultural center teaching, presenting and celebrating authentic African dance and culture, founded by an artist from Benin, Nigeria. Provides workshops and residencies.

 Dedicated to the preservation of Alabama folk life, arts, and crafts. A supporter of arts education. Publishes books and CDs on culture.

See the institute's list of Arab American cultural organizations, museums, and literary resources. Based in Washington, D.C.

Library and museum collections, and publications documenting contributions of American Jews to culture in the U.S. and promoting understanding of the Jewish experience.

Center for Arab Culture - Massachusetts

 Major community-focused center for Arab culture in the New England area. Offers Arab lessons, film screenings, workshops, dance and cooking classes and a variety of cultural programs. 

Multicultural organization focused on "whiteness studies", comprehension of the basis of "race"as priviledge and ideology in the U.S., and "multiracial" understanding. Offers training, consultation and conferences on "race"/ethnic relations and diversity for organizations, companies and individuals.  

Home for instructors offering classes and workshops in Afro-Cuban, Samba, Zumba, Hip Hop and Afro-Brazilian dance, plus Yoga and Tai Chi. Cuban folkloric dance training offered by long-time dancer, choreographer and craniosacral therapist, Donna Oefinger. 

European international organization focused on human rights and such things as the welfare and protection of immigrants, social rights of national minorities and their languages, and the prevention of human trafficking and torture.  

Center focused on folk heritage of the Balkan countries. Offering events in the larger citties around the United States.  

 Wikipedia's list of ethnically-oriented museums in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.  

Accomodations that provide students of different nationalities and diverse cultures with the opportunity to live and learn together in a community of mutual respect, understanding. Serve as centers for cultural programs, conferences and social events.

Blog and site that contains educational and parenting content celebrating a global cultural experience for kids. Focus on foods, arts, activities, crafts books and languages.

Ozark Folkways - Winslow Arkansas

Dedicated to preservation and teaching of the folk culture, Cultural traditions and arts of the region. 


some textUNESCO -affiliated organization helping to organize and raise funds for international folkloric festivals primarily in Europe, Central America and South America. Contains list and dates of dozens of upcoming festivals. 

A day of multicultural festivities bringing together the diverse cultures of New York City to present music, dance, poetry, art, fashion and other cultural expressions presentations. Parent company is a multiethnic African choir which performs and organizes trips to Africa.  

Comprehensive database of German cultural festival of Oktoberfest taking place each year in October around the United States.

Well attended summer series of festivities spotlighting the music, dance and culture of diverse ethnicities of the Philadelphia area. Held on Penns Landing along the Delaware River in Philadelphia.

 Renaissance Fair and festivities in Mount Hope, Pennsylvania. 

some text Wikipedia's List of Renaissance Fair websites across the country and internationally.

Communities from around the world present "music, dance, crafts, foodways, storytelling, and other living traditions".  



Northwest Folklife Festival - Seattle, Washington

Mind TV - Philadelphia

World Music Internet Radio

 A magazine containing multicultural literature magazine for kids. Includes kids' submissions of original poetry and other articles.