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Mount Meru Holistic Earth Directory

Experience the body and mind of humanity as heaven on earth!

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Classes in shamanic chants for pranic power and ancestral healing are in session and on-going in southern New Jersey, and private training sessions on given on- line. The sounds train our minds in cosmic heaven/earth energy and are used by Korean Ki/Qi Gong masters to heal the psyche, chronic illness and generational problems including addiction and domestic conflict. Most attendees receive mini Ki sessions after class. Call for more information and see our testimonials of trainees. Fee is on donation basis.

Visits for Ki power healing are in-home, or in studio in locations in southern New Jersey. Hours Reserved and by Appt. Only  

Ki and Pranic HealingSessions - By Appointment Only (*Payment must be made in advance)


9am - 9pm


9am - 9pm


9am - 9pm


9am - 9pm


9am - 9pm


10am -7pm


10am -7pm

T. (856) 993-1786

Paypal/All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Qi Treatments

In-home visits : $35 dollars

Studio Sessions: $55 to $65.00

or (4 sessions packages from $120- 170)

Tel: 856-993-1786

Cherry Hill/Medford/Voorhees

The services below restore physical health and mental balance and rapidly increase harmony and abilities to manifest in one's life.

1. Qi power energy training through

shamanic chants and sound vibration.

(Sessions available through skype or in-

home). Sessions on-going.

2. Chunsu or Won-ki pranic energy

sessions - this is a powerful form

of therapeutic body work which

involves the channeling of Ki or Qi to

restore physical health and mental

balance and to rapidly restore harmony

and well-being in one's life. 

3. Distance Light channeling -

sessions through Skype, or in person.

Many problems can be addressed long

distance, including the melting of

tumors and other toxins in the body.

Call for free consultation.  

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Chunsu Vital Energy Healing

This is the Korean method of channeling Chi, Qi or Ki energy through accupressure and sound vibration. Releases nature's vital and protective energy into your body and mind through a 6,000 year old practice. Disperses ancestral energy blockages, balances hormones and emotions, eliminates tumors and viruses, rejuvenate cells and tissues, cleanses the organs and brings overall feelings of physical and environmental well-being.

Chi or Qi gong therapy is used medically in the East to address illness of all sorts - including diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, pre-menstrual syndrome, addiction, viruses, mental disorders, depression, chronic pain and rare immune deficiency diseases. It is believed the more the ancestral blockages of Chi are released the greater one's family "fortune" and protection grows, and easier it is to manifest personal desires. 

Light Channeling is another popular practice which can be used to purify the body, home, food and environment. Most U.S. light channeling organizations are derived from countries of the Far East. They originate from the ancient Shinto religion and are associated with the Divine feminine or Sun Goddess "Amaterasu" or Amma in other countries, and otherwise with Kwan Yin.

Various practices combine light and earth energy to cleanse the planet and remove toxins from the body or physical organs and aura. Some of the best known methods introduced to the West by various sects and "holy men" in recent times include macrobiotic palm healing, Reiki, and Johrei.

Advanced practitioners are capable of channeling energy over long distances for healing purposes. In some groups initiates are often trained to utilise this channeling practices to purify food and repel negative forces in dangerous situations, such as an animal attack.